You are a hearing care professional.

Want to attract more patients to your center? Optimize your cabin time to manage a large flow of patients? Develop your local professional network? SONUP has a solution for every problem !
Hearing test for hearing aids


Self-testing and pre-consultation auditory evaluation solution to automate and make screening more reliable.
Hearing test with calibrated headphones

The SONUP system.

With an ultra-lightweight device (a tablet app and Bluetooth-calibrated headset), respond to the request for immediate assessment and qualify prospects before making an appointment.

The SYSTEM principle.

Fast, fun and reliable, the test can be performed independently in the waiting room, or with the help of the laboratory assistant. In less than 3 minutes it’s done!

Whether you’re in an appointment or even away, capture the prospects who actually need to be fitted.

You set up an appointment with the patient with the certainty that the appointment is necessary !

Offre system pour les audioprothésistes
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Steering tool.

Drive your center’s hearing assessment activity and engage the optical team in the audio activity. Track your employees’ activity with an intuitive dashboard: key figures, performance indicators, and gamification !

Advantages SYSTEM.

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Valuing the role of the assistant

Enhances the value of the hearing aid by providing a medical-like procedure that does not compete with the hearing aid practitioner’s procedures.
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Offer a better quality of service

Ongoing hearing assessments, even when the hearing care professional is not present, is a response to an immediate request for a hearing test.

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Optimize cabin time

Qualify prospects before making an appointment and receive only hearing impaired patients with hearing aids.

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Questions / Answers.

Of course! And that’s even the goal. The tests developed are adaptive and automatic tests, they can be performed in self-test by patients.

Whether it is the tone test, or the speech comprehension test in noise, they do not last more than 3 minutes.

We use Bluetooth headphones. They are all individually calibrated in tone and voice. We are currently the only ones to master the calibration of Bluetooth headsets, thus allowing us to guarantee the reliability of our tests.

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