Our mission.

SONUP's ambition is to accelerate the digital transformation of the audiology sector, based on innovative technologies and a perfect knowledge of the hearing professions.


We aim to change the world of audiology to ensure quality services for patients and healthcare professionals. Our main activity today is to create applications for the evaluation of hearing disorders, from the simplest to the most complex, for a wide variety of uses.


We carry out our own projects, but we can also intervene for consulting or service provision, in order to carry out all types of projects related to the hearing world.

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Our values.

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We are an independent structure, involved in hearing screening and the human and local care of hearing impaired patients.

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Our ambition is to make the world of audiology evolve and to accelerate its digital transformation by proposing ever more innovative solutions.

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The ultimate goal is to guarantee quality services to patients, in particular through our Patient Service, but also to healthcare professionals.

Our history.


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First idea

The little seed begins to germinate...


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Development of the V0

Pilot WebApp


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Start of the adventure

Incubation - Development of the calibration technique - Creation of the company - Winner Tech The Futur


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Development of V1

First version of the application


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Commercial launch

Beginning of the activity with the SYNERGY offer and the SYSTEM offer


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New test

National presence - Launch of the speech recognition in noise test and the SoCiety offer

They trust us.

Questions / Answers

In 2017, the current CEO is in the hospital and bored! He takes advantage of this period to reflect and define how to act in a more important way in his field of expertise. This is how he laid the foundation for what would become SONUP two years later.

At the beginning, the creation of bridges between health professionals appeared to be a common sense solution: cooperation that benefits everyone! The idea of a virtuous and local synergy between health professionals was the driving force. What SONUP proposed, no one had done!