Optimize your booth time with SONUP.

Qualify prospects and limit screening appointments with a preliminary hearing assessment before scheduling.

Offre system pour les audioprothésistes

Optimize your center's operations !

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Test all patients who come to the laboratory.

Offering permanent hearing evaluations, even in your absence, addresses the immediate demand for hearing tests.

This way, you provide a better quality of service to all patients who walk through your laboratory doors.

Manage your booth time effectively.

Qualify prospects before scheduling appointments to ensure you only see patients with treatable hearing loss.

They come to the booth with their screening results, allowing you to save time and focus on your area of expertise: more complex examinations, analysis, and patient consultations. 


Enhance the role of your assistant.

Our hearing screening solution does not require advanced audiology skills.

You can entrust the tests to your hearing care assistant, who will see their role valued by a medically associated act that does not compete with the audioprothesist’s tasks.

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A simple and reliable testing solution :

SONUP has created its own testing device: a tablet application and individually calibrated Bluetooth headset.

Our tests were designed by hearing experts (audiologists, audioprosthetists, acousticians, ENT professors). All tests have been standardized and validated by clinical studies published in prestigious scientific journals, ensuring a high level of reliability.

You have access to a personalized online space to view assigned patients and update their status to track their care journey.

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Whether it’s the tonal test or the speech-in-noise comprehension test, both take no longer than 3 minutes. They are designed to be accessible for the patient, who can often perform them independently. Including a brief explanation phase at the beginning and end, the screening test with the SONUP solution takes a maximum of 5 minutes.

As a SONUP partner audioprosthetist, you have access to an intranet space available on both computer and tablet. This allows you to access patients’ test results.

SONUP offers two payment options: monthly or annually. If you choose monthly payments, the contract has no fixed term. Conversely, annual payment commits you for one year but saves you two months of fees.

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