You are an optician.

You don’t offer in-store audio services yet? You have a hearing aid business and you want to consolidate it? Whatever your profile, SONUP has a solution for you!
optical center hearing test


With an ultra-lightweight device: a tablet app and Bluetooth-calibrated headset, respond to the request for immediate evaluation and schedule qualified appointments with your hearing care professional.

Hearing test with calibrated headphones

The SONUP principle.

With an ultra-lightweight device: a tablet app and Bluetooth-calibrated headset, respond to the request for immediate assessment and schedule qualified appointments with your hearing care professional.

The SYSTEM principle.

Fast, fun and reliable, the test can be carried out independently at the sales table, even in a noisy environment. In less than 3 minutes it’s done.

Offer the test during the “cold moment” of filling out administrative formalities, to enrich the sales process without lengthening it.

If a hearing loss is detected, make an appointment with the hearing care professional at your centre.

With SONUP you can be sure that the appointment will be useful!

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Outils de pilotage sonup

Steering tool.

Manage the hearing assessment activity of your centre and engage the optical team in the audio activity. Follow the activity of your employees thanks to an intuitive dashboard: key figures, performance indices, and gamification !

SYSTEM professional support.

Benefit from support for training on the solution, on the language elements, and for the management of your activity.
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SYSTEM benefits.

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Optimise the hearing care professional's schedule

Qualifying prospects before making an appointment ensures that the hearing care professional only sees hearing impaired people who can be fitted with a hearing aid.
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Involving shop teams

The reporting tool facilitates the implementation of an incentive policy and allows the optical team to be involved in the audio activity.
service de qualité

Offer a better quality of service

Offering permanent hearing assessments, even in the absence of the hearing care professional, is a simple and immediate response to clients’ expectations.

Create a new acquisition channel

Performing a hearing test in the “cold time” of the optical sale (or combined with the vision test) creates an internal synergy to acquire new audio customers.

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Valuing the role of the optician

The optician can provide a new medical procedure, which is not redundant and does not compete with those of the hearing care professional.

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Questions / Answers.

SONUP tests are screening tests. When the audioprosthesist sees the patient, with the first screening result, he or she will be able to carry out more extensive hearing tests.

You can perform the test at the time of the eye exam. And you can also offer it during the administrative “cold weather” of your optical sale. In this case, it will be necessary to do the voice test in noise, so that the sound environment does not disturb the reliability of the results.

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