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Do you want to optimize your research programs related to hearing? Those concerning ototoxic or otoprotective molecules in particular? Get more data while reducing your costs with the SONUP AudioMate solution!

SONUP AudioMate.

A smart and reliable solution for self-testing of hearing disorders in a non-soundproofed environment.
Test auditif patient domicile

The AudioMate principle.

Thanks to an ultra-light device (an application on a tablet and a Bluetooth-calibrated headset), you don’t have to move your subjects to track their hearing. Entrust them with the reliable and standardized SONUP solution to perform their self-tests at home. Follow their results remotely !

Application and tests.

The hearing tests and interface have been designed to allow self-testing in a non-soundproofed environment, whilst continuously verifying the test-taking conditions.

On demand addition of existing auditory tests
and development of custom made new tests (using high-frequency testing up to 12.5 kHz and including complex testing) for tailor-made solution that fits specific R&D goals.

Performing the online hearing test
Casque calibré en France par Orosound


The application is associated with a Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones, developed in collaboration with the French company Orosound. We lock the use of our application (by a system of Bluetooth recognition of our headphones through the application) which guarantees the reliability of the results at home.


The system is connected to an intranet for the use of the monitoring teams. They are informed instantly of the test results and notified in case of anomalies.

Notification résultat test auditif
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Benefits of AudioMate.

Much more data

More accurate monitoring and possibility of adding an extended battery of tests.

pièce de monnaie dans main professionnel

Financial savings

Patients no longer need to travel to clinics for auditory assessment.

Système normé et verrouillé

Reproducible test conditions

Reliability and consistency of results with a digital calibrated solution.

système de notifications

Seamless data collection and alerts

Follow and monitor all results thanks to a centralized data collection
and an alert system for the Research and Clinical teams.

Illustration loupe

Extended phenotyping of hearing loss

Our tailored-made solution allows a full customization of tests and a deeper exploration of the patient’s hearing.

A solution distinguished by the Prix Galien.

The AudioMate project, applied to the audiological monitoring of patients undergoing cisplatin-based chemotherapy, was awarded the Prix Galien 2022 Coup de Cœur.

This award celebrates therapeutic excellence and rewards innovation in health care in all its forms. It is a highly prestigious award, recognized by the public authorities, which has existed since 1970.

médaille coup de coeur prix Galien

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