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Simplify speech audiometry in noise with an easy-to-use, fast and reliable application.



A simple, fast and reliable solution for voice audiometry in noise, to better understand the hearing of your patients, in 3 minutes !



An ultra-light and calibrated material.

An application, a tablet, a calibrated Bluetooth headset, and that's it! The application is associated with a Bluetooth headset with active noise reduction, developed in collaboration with the French company Orosound. All our helmets are individually calibrated.

Hearing test with calibrated headphones
Réalisation dépistage auditif patient

Standardized self-tests.

The test and the interface have been designed to allow an autonomous administration. All are validated by clinical studies in university hospitals. 

Réalisation dépistage auditif patient

A secure intranet space.

The device is connected to a professional intranet: all the results are collected and archived in compliance with the RGPD on a French HDS server.

I want to know more !

Do you want to use the SONUP solution ?

A new test.

SONUP has developed its own hearing test, the "SoNoise".

use hearing test in noise
  • Sentences with triplets of words using synthetic voice
  • Antiphase test 
  • Normalization for an autonomous test (standard deviation 1.5 dB, i.e. 95% of the normal population within the regulatory threshold of 3 dB)
  • Can be used from 7 years old
  • Sensitivity = 93%, Specificity = 100%, to determine an average hearing loss of 30 dB HL


The solution also includes the THI test in addition to the voice test.


SONUP ODIZI advantages.

Reliable single audiometric solution

No other application solution on the market can perform a self-test in noise in such a fast way.

Can be used everywhere, all the time

The device is simple and compact. You can use it in a cabin or in a quiet room, with or without internet connection.

pièce de monnaie dans main professionnel

Accessible at low cost

There is no need to commit to huge material expenses. The solution has been designed to be very affordable.

To better know the patients

Offer a complementary examination to your usual battery of tests to better understand your patients and therefore better respond to their problems.

And value a new exam

The applicable CCAM fee is 33.11€ for a speech audiometry in noise.

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